Frequently Asked Questions

Everything relies upon the size and extent of venture. We handle everything from little one hour undertakings to multi day shooting or planning. Another factor is picture utilization. We don’t charge the Same rate for something that is going to be utilized actually by a property holder as we would for something that will be utilized in a public purchaser publicizing effort. Call today for a free statement!

Truly. We alter our video in Adobe Premiere Pro and offer CGI 2D and 3D realistic delivering. After Production quality is imperative to us. We shoot our video film 4k tone to catch the most extensive range of information, so we can have greatest quality control in altering. We work with skilled voiceover specialists also.

Truly. We offer photograph correcting for drone photography; from easy to the complex. In the event that you have a structure that was taken shots at nightfall and couldn’t locate the light switch, no issue; we can turn them on in postproduction! A few customers request that we eliminate vehicles from parking garages, while others request that we add vehicles. We have you covered in any case.

Absolutely . We have been a business photographer and video chief for a long time. We do numerous tasks that consolidate still, video, ground and flying.
We have you covered.

We shoot everything in the biggest size conceivable, at that point make a bunch of pictures for the size you need. We give huge records. In the event that you need them for the web also, we’ll measure an extra group at a fitting size at no additional charge.

Indeed. we don’t intend to be too meddling when you first call, yet one of the absolute first things that we have to do is check the air space where you need to travel to check whether flight tasks are conceivable and if Authorization from the FAA is needed for that particular location. We utilize an entire host of flight arranging devices to guarantee that we consent legitimately and securely in our ethereal robot tasks.

We use the DJI Phantom Pro 4.

Directing Aerial Drone Operations for business intentions is an intricate suggestion. Past being capable in flying and appropriately working a Drone that has the abilities to give proficient quality actually pictures and video, you likewise should be appropriately authorized with the FAA and convey flying protection. Guidelines for business pilots can be mind boggling and precarious.

Truly. We have acquired a waiver from the FAA to direct night tasks ( surprisingly it’s really called the 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver). Most robot administrators don’t have this waiver. It is more mind boggling than flying during the day or at sunset, yet at AEROJO Drone Productions, we have the capacity. We likewise fly with against impact lights at sunrise and nightfall as needed by the FAA to guarantee other air art can recognize our robots.

The battery on a portion of our robots last as long as 30 minutes. By and large. We Have various batteries and chargers on the entirety of our drone shoots to guarantee that we can catch that ideal shot!

Send the location where the robot activities will happen to joe@aerojo.com and we will check for you at no charge.The FAA has as of late actualized the new LAANC framework which awards moment approval to a more prominent segment of limited air space that used to take a long time to get.

Most robots don’t perform well in blustery, stormy or potentially blanketed climate conditions. In addition to the fact that weather affects our capacity to catch the astounding film our customers expect, however it can likewise make security issues. Since safe flying is our main need, we will commonly not work in severe climate, just as in extraordinary temperatures (above 100˚F and underneath 28˚F).

Indeed. We convey uncommon Aviation Insurance legally necessary to cover our drone activities. General business risk (which we additionally have) doesn’t cover aeronautical drone tasks, so we have both for flying and foundation.

Pilots all hold a Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot Certificate and is an affirmed business drone administrator. We can give our FAA accreditations upon demand.